Calm Yourself – the Storm Will Pass

How many times throughout our lives have the storms swept in and consumed our lives with events that we felt we had no control over, and would never end? And then, you look around and see the storm enveloping someone else, and you sigh and say, “Maybe I don’t have it so bad after all.”

This year has had a few storms for me. Some of them have been of my own making – little things that a few years ago I would have handled quickly and calmly. Incidents that were not life threatening, just annoying. Is it that as I grow older, I have little tolerance for such matters? Most likely.

But some of the other storms, the ones that affect in a deeply emotional way – these are the ones I wish I could hide from – but they are there, with strong winds and rain, pummeling at my door. Some will calm and go on to another, leaving behind sighs of relief, while others, although they might move on to someone else, will leave behind an emptiness that will tear my heart apart.

We cannot control the storms. We cannot avoid them. But, we can find that place inside ourselves where we can find the acceptance of what is, and we can calm ourselves, because the storm will pass and our life will go on. Your Writer on the Run having a stormy moment, calming herself with her pen. Have a wonderful day, my friends, and whatever storm you are facing right now, may peace spread its wings around you and guide you through the tempestuous waves.