15880_894788660533769_1123403261537178868_nFAMILY DAY – What Does It Mean To You?

Today is “Family Day” …

So says our government. Or, is the reality of it that they thought we needed another day off?

Let’s take a look at the meaning of “family” (when applied to the human element) according to the Collins English Dictionary: a primary social group consisting of parents and their offspring … a group descended from a common ancestor … all persons living together in one household …

There we have it, according to Collins. However, have you ever considered a friend as “family?” They don’t live with you, yet they are a big part of your life. How many times I have said to a friend, and they have said to me: “My sista from anotha mista!” How many of us have said: “We can’t chose our family, but we can chose our friends.”

Now, you are probably wondering what all this has to do with the picture I posted? Being a holiday, did you set your alarm today? I never set mine, no matter what day it is, basically because I have an inner alarm clock that wakes me up every day at random times. :-) So, now that I am up and running, I would like to extend a warm hello to my family – which consists of the world. You see, I feel if we look at every race as family, maybe there would be more peace on earth. What is it Collins said? – “all persons living together in one household” – so, why don’t we consider Earth as one household – one family – one love.

So, happiness might be not having to set your alarm because we are being given a day off for Family Day … let us use this day wisely by embracing everyone, near and far.

Talk to me, (your Writer on the Run), dear family – what does this day mean to you?