About Fred Thursfield

Fred was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and moved to Brantford, Ontario in 1990. He began his writing career when he joined The Brantford Writers’ Circle in 2000. Up until the publication of his first book, most of his writing was only for friends, family, members of the B.W.C., and he submitted poetry and short articles to news letters and periodicals. It was on the recommendation of a fellow writer that Fred was encouraged to submit Sherlock Holmes and The Discarded Cigarette to online publishers for consideration to be published. This was followed by Sherlock Holmes and The Terrible Secret, Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery Writer, and Sherlock Holmes and The Escape Artist.

 All of Fred’s work can be found on Amazon. Just click on the links above, or below beside the book descriptions and you can go directly to his books!

You can email Fred at: fredth50@yahoo.com


 What type/style of story do you write, Fred?

Who are the main characters in your books?

Do your Sherlock Holmes stories differ from that of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, and if so, how?

Who are some of the famous people you use in your books?

What would you say was your main inspiration for writing Sherlock Holmes stories?

What has been your biggest challenge in writing this series?

If you were to have a word of advice for new writers, or writers in general, who might want to try to write a new type of story, what would it be?

Wow! Four books … what’s next for you, Fred – another Sherlock Holmes mystery, perhaps?


Sherlock Holmes and The Discarded Cigarette


 A well known author, a theoretical invention made real, and the importance of a sometimes overlooked clue challenge Holmes and Watson to prevent the perfect crime.





Sherlock Holmes and The Terrible Secret

 It is the start  of W.W.I. Sherlock Holmes is coaxed out of a short-lived retirement to track down an exotic dancer to retrieve a secret accidentally given to her by a young patent clerk before it falls into the hands of a hostile government. as much a detective story as a brief history of the causes, reasons, and the long term futility of a long forgotten war.





Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery Writer

 Cravesend 1920. A famous writer, while searching through the remains of a damaged church looking for story ideas, happens upon a document that was never meant to be found or read. Any knowledge of its contents could change the terms of the treaty that ended W.W.I. There is also a change in the hand that writes and records the cases of Sherlock Holmes.





Sherlock Holmes and The Escape Artist


Do spirits return? Sherlock Holmes, Mary Watson, and Harry Houdini say no, and prove it!

Magic … Illusions … Escapes … Fraud … Mediums exposed!


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