I Heard the Rumbling of the Planes


“Time’s Memories” holds recollections within its pages that we should never forget.

Mirella has combined heart-warming short stories, a section of comedic incidents in a retirement home, and snippets of war memories from those who lived during such times. Mirella hopes the war memories shared here will open the eyes to the un-glory of war. She also hopes the readers will have a chuckle over the retirement home incidents.

Not all in life is bleak, and Mirella has kept her faith in God, even during life’s darkest hours.

Written By Mirella Coacci van der Zyl

Edited by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

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I am sitting by the window on a relaxed afternoon. I look at the sky, a splendid blue, without a wisp of cloud. It is cold outside and still covered with snow, but the sight of the blue sky is warm and hopeful. Suddenly, it made me think of the dark sky in Italy at night, when there was “il Coprifuoco” that scared me. I was very young, and to see blankets covering the windows and doors everywhere filled me with fear and a sense of awe and despair. It was coming.

I would hear the rumbling of the planes over the houses and explosions around Torino very soon. When the bombardment started, we had to run to the shelter to escape the bombing. The experience in the shelter was not happy. The place was dank and humid, full of people crying and children screaming. I was delighted when we could go back home and resume our life.

The blue sky and the snow on the ground reminded me of the many blessings we enjoy in peaceful times. But the numerous wartime experiences are never forgotten, and I have many friends who like to remember and tell me about their time during the war when they were young. Their memories are still fresh, and they talk about them with enthusiasm––sometimes with tears in their eyes. I am recording some of their stories so they may stay with us and the generations to come.

Many thanks to my editor, Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour, for assisting me in putting these stories together. Also, to all those brave enough to share their experiences with me.

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