Night’s Return

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Night’s Vampire Series

“Night’s Return” is a riveting continuation of the “Night’s Vampire Series” … With nowhere left to run, Virginia is praying for a saviour; however, the only one strong enough to save her and her children may be the very vampire she has been hiding from since she fled ‘the house.’ Count Basarab Musat has returned to Brantford. Basarab has learned the forces trying to usurp his throne are being led by Radu, Dracula’s estranged brother, and that Radu is after his children, Santan and Samara. He is desperate to reach them first because if Radu was to get hold of the children, all would be lost. Virginia finds herself back in ‘the house’ where her nightmare began. She and Basarab become embroiled in their previous game playing; however, this time they aren’t the only players. Forces from all sides are fighting to keep them apart — Teresa, Basarab’s wife; Ildiko, his cousin; and Randy, the young man who is hopelessly in love with Virginia. Will love for their children, and possibly each other, be enough to bring Basarab and Virginia together at last?

Written By Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Edited by Bethany Jamieson

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I thought I had already experienced my greatest fears, but what was happening now surpassed them all. As I drove away from the house, leaving my children in the care of others I had no idea what our next moves were going to be. I glanced at Emelia. “Do you have plans beyond tonight?”


“I can’t leave my children for so long — I won’t. You must figure out a way we can be together again.”

“That may not be possible for a while. We must ensure that no one can get their hands on the children, especially Santan. If anything were to happen to his son, Basarab would lose all focus. If that happens, the Dracul family will lose control and humankind will be annihilated.”

“I could help protect them.”

Emelia reached out and laid her hand on my leg. “No … no, you cannot protect them because you will need protection, too. Only our kind can fully save them from harm now. If the wrong individual gets hold of you, you will be expendable. The count will not care what happens to you — leastwise, not above his duty to his throne — and you can be assured, Radu and Elizabeth know that.”

I had an idea growing in my head, but it would take some planning. I glanced at Emelia and felt a twinge of guilt. I tiptoed from the building and headed to the car. Just as I was putting the key in the car door, I heard the sound of a motor approaching up the driveway. Around the corner came a familiar red Volkswagen. The car came to a halt behind my vehicle, blocking my exit. Randy jumped out, and ran to me, and then, Vacaresti approached us.

“What are you doing, Virginia? Why is Emelia not with you?”

My feet felt like lead as I walked back to the office … my plan had failed…

Customers Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

8 reviews for Night’s Return

  1. Brenda Ann Wright, Author

    By leaps and bounds, Cushnie-Mansour has woven complexity into the original story. This will continue to engage the classic vampirists, as well as the new wave enthusiasts. Way to bring in more historical aspects and spice things up!

  2. Joan Jenkins

    Cushnie-Mansour masters the romance-horror genre. horrific … passionate … Night’s Return confronts your imagination with a mind spinning plot and a cast of mesmerizing characters. A necessary read if vampires intrigue you.

  3. Ella Pankatz, Author/Freelance Editor

    Night’s Return’s creativity reaches compelling heights and grips the imagination. Will Virginia escape the fangs of the dark world of vampires and rogues? An electrifying journey through the twilight zone.

  4. Tracy Bucholtz, Accountant

    Cushnie-Mansour weaves a story of intrigue and romance in Night’s Return; it was a delight to read. One can only hope, from a writer of this talent, there will be many more books to come.

  5. Sally Wolf, a Goodreads Reviewer

    Count Basarab’s foes have found Virginia. Does the Count risk it all to save his children and his wayward love? Does Virginia really want to return to the only man who can save her after her hard fought escape? You will just have to read this exciting conclusion to find out.
    There are few series which can hold up to a continuous story line many loose direction and passion. This is not the case with this group of books from beginning to end this series is heartfelt and extremely satisfying. The characters are believable and you feel their emotions right along with them. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes Vampires, romance, and the thrill of rescuing a damsel in distress just in time.

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  7. Lorraine A – Amazon Reviewer

    A story with characters you can’t help but fall in love with.
    Reviewed in the United States ?? on June 27, 2014
    Mary weaves an interesting story with characters you can’t help but fall in love with.

  8. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars She has done it again!!!!
    Reviewed in Canada ?? on December 29, 2013

    I have not had any disappointments with any of the 3 books in this trilogy, I would recommend anyone who likes a suspenseful love story full of twists and turns to pick up all 3!! I know I will reread them again.. great job Mary!!!!!

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