What About Dylan?

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What About Dylan?
by Canadian author, R. Jetleb

THREE YEARS AFTER What About Hailey?…

Dylan Williams-Marcotte is now 9 years old. With his dad busy with his writing and his mom working at the hospital, and both with their hands full looking after Dylan’s new little brother, 3-year-old Lucas, Dylan feels like he’s invisible—even 14-year-old Hailey doesn’t have time for him anymore!

When vandalism closes the park and his parents whisper about neighbours’ houses being broken into, Dylan thinks he’s found the perfect way to get his family to notice him again AND realize he’s not the little 6-year-old he used to be. With the help of his best friend Ethan, Dylan is determined to uncover who the criminals are and bring them to justice. But no matter what Dylan does, his family doesn’t seem to notice. He knows they’re busy, but what about Dylan?

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(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for What About Dylan?

  1. legomaniac (Amazon review)

    5.0 out of 5 stars The second in the What about? series
    Reviewed in Canada ???????? on September 15, 2019

    I fell in love with the Marcotte family, and Hailey and Dylan. It was a delight to read about the family again. This time they have adopted another child, Lucas, and Dylan becomes the middle child. This is a great story about how Dylan, feeling not so smart, and a bit ignored, does some secret detecting to discover who is vandalizing his beloved park, to show everyone he is more capable than they think. – legomaniac (Amazon review)

  2. Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour (Amazon Review)

    What About Dylan?
    Reviewed in Canada ???????? on August 19, 2019

    What About Dylan? the new novel in R. Jetleb’s “What About” series is a great follow up to What About Hailey? Three years later, settled into their new home Dylan and Hailey’s adoptive parents adopt another little boy, making Dylan a “middle child.” Dylan begins to feel left out and sets about to “get noticed.” A great adventure story for young boys (and girls) from ages 8 to 13. I highly recommend this book! – Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour (Amazon Review)

  3. NZ Steph (Amazon Review)

    Fantastic read
    Reviewed in Canada ???????? on August 31, 2019

    A great follow up to R. Jetleb’s earlier book, “What about Hailey”. This time round readers are treated to an adventure through the eyes of Hailey’s younger brother, Dylan. Loved catching up with this family! NZ Steph (Amazon Review)

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