Stairway to Serenity

Stepping up the stairs to the light

is a journey we all embark upon. What that light is can be many things. In this world of turmoil, sometimes the darkness of events can surround us with dismal thoughts of what the future brings for us and those of the next generations. And our hearts weep for our children and our grandchildren.

The stairs, to me, represent the uphill journey of our lives. The trees along the way are our resting spots, offering us shade and arms to embrace us in our moments of need – and sometimes a branch will reach out and offer us assistance to the next step of our journey.

The shrubbery along the other side of the stairs is there to protect us from the outside forces – maybe not all of them, but enough to make it tolerable for us to continue our journey.

The light, which beckons us, is the serenity I strive for, the warmth that will wrap around me and tell me that all will be well.

I had a rough day, yesterday, and I allowed my emotions to become overwrought with frustration, but that was yesterday. Today, I have awakened, and I know the light will be waiting for me at the top of my stairway to serenity.

This is it for today, my friends – short and sweet. Your Writer on the Run, just waiting for the sun to come up. Have a wonderful day, wherever you are.

p.s. talk to me – tell me your feelings when you look at this picture…