Today, as I browsed through my emails, I came across a great article about “chapter endings” and decided to share it with my fellow authors. No matter how much we know about writing, we can always learn more, or be reminded occasionally about what we already know, but may forget because our brains are on overload with information.

Lynne Kennedy, a mystery writer, wrote a blog called Getting Your Reader to Turn the Page.

cliffhanger-1Chapter endings are as important as beginnings,

Lynne begins.

Read the endings of your chapters.  Go ahead.  Are they riveting? Are you anxious to turn the page? Will your readers be?  Take a closer look at the ho hum ones and begin to focus on endings that would compel a reader to keep going.

Lynne gives several examples of great chapter endings that will make you want to keep reading. Click here for the full article.

Here are some examples of chapter endings I have written – from the Night’s Vampire Series

From Night’s Gift

The smell of freedom was so sensuous to my quivering nostrils, and I lifted my face to the night sky.

I slept once again, exhausted from my ordeal. I would see him later. We would debate. I would gaze upon his magnificence, and he would ease my pain. For this my heart longed. For this my body craved. Against this, my will still tried to fight – but in reality, it never tried hard enough!

From Night’s Children

I glanced back, before going through the door, and noticed the young man slip the money I had pressed into his hand in his pocket. I smiled and nodded. Then I went hunting.

I awoke screaming, raced to the bathroom, and pitched the contents of my stomach into the toilet. I crumbled to the floor and wept. Why did life keep eluding me?

From Night’s Return

Teresa breathed in deeply. She looked drained. Vacaresti appeared thoughtful, digesting all that Teresa had just revealed.

The memory of his whispered endearments gave me strength. Yes, the game was still on, but it had taken a different path. I would be sweet as honey to Teresa and Ildiko, and when the time came for me to make my move they wouldn’t know what hit them! As I have had since the birth of my son, I still held the trump card – this time two of them – Santan and Samara – Basarab’s children!

From Night’s Temptress

Angelique waited until Samara was well on her way home before she entered the room and cleaned up the mess.

Samara shut her bedroom door and leaned against it. She slid down to the floor and began to laugh. Temptress, was she? She would show everyone she was more than that – much more.

In closing, I would like to challenge you to send me some of your great chapter endings – don’t be shy – Your Writer on the Run signing off for another day.