Charlie’s Green Sponge Ball


Charlie’s Green Sponge Ball –


A delightful children’s story dealing with children making the right decisions.

Written by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Cover art and Illustrations by Jennifer Bettio

Cover layout by Josef Stevens, Smashing Pixels

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Charlie lives in a very poor village in Southern Ireland and his only toy is a green sponge ball. One day, Charlie hears a voice coming from the ball and the voice is asking Charlie to take the ball to the end of the rainbow. On the way, Charlie is met by an old man who warns him that Jack, the voice in the ball, is an evil leprechaun, and it is because of him that Charlie’s village is so poor. The old man tells Charlie he must not take the ball to the rainbows end.

Will Charlie heed the old man’s words or will he listen to Jack who says he is Charlie’s best friend?

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