Teensy Weensy Spider




Teensy Weensy Spider is told with amazing coloured illustrations.

Teensy Weensy Spider has a problem—he cannot climb up the drain pipe at the side of the house! Will Great-grandfather Spider’s advice be enough to get Teensy Weensy to the top?


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Once upon a time, there was a teensy weensy spider whose greatest goal in life was to climb up the big, huge drain pipe at the side of the house where he lived.

However, Teensy Weensy Spider had one problem—he would crawl halfway up the pipe and then some water would dribble down and wash him all the way back to the bottom.

Poor Teensy Weensy Spider didn’t know what to do; he was very frustrated. Finally, he decided to pay a visit to Great-grandfather Spider and ask his advice.

“Great-grandfather Spider, I don’t know how I will ever get up the drain pipe at the side of the house,” squeaked Teensy Weensy Spider.

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