Mysteries From the Keys

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“Mysteries From the Keys” is a collection of mystifying stories that will keep you up at night – reading! Fourteen short stories in all, some will take you on a journey through a mysterious unknown, some are tinged with dramatic humour, and others are straight mysteries in a real world. But, they all will keep you turning the pages.

Written by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Cover Photos by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Cover layout by Terry Davis

Edited by Bethany Jamieson

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A collection of mysterious stories – Titles such as:

Minnie’s Way

where Minnie has her own secrets as she lives in isolation inside her home…

Closing the Cottage

where young Caroline, thought to be recovered from a mental breakdown, is left to close the cottage; however, strange events begin to happen – or are they just a continuation of what was already going on?…

We Can Smile Again

where two young friends discover a new form of art – one on the written page, one in clay, both joined together by a common need…

Boarded Up

where a young man finds himself the victim of an unscrupulous doctor, and she is not the only one playing the dangerous game…


where a young man falls in love with a mysterious Gypsy dancer, who appears to be harmless…

These, plus more, will provide you with a few hours of enjoyable reading entertainment, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages.

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Customers Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Mysteries From the Keys

  1. J. Vice (Amazon reviewer)

    Short stories are perfect.
    Reviewed in the United States ?? on August 8, 2022
    Verified Purchase
    Stories are interesting and not too long. Family enjoys them… J. Vice (Amazon reviewer)

  2. John H. Manhold (Amazon review)

    4.0 out of 5 stars For readers who enjoy ‘tales on the dark side’.
    Reviewed in the United States ?? on May 12, 2021

    Mysteries from the Keys: a collection of short stories written by Mary M. Cushnie Mansour.
    Story #1. Minnie’s way – an old, sightless woman with a stray cat and old, ‘comfortable dog reliving memories while a ‘day helper’ comes to visit, but again leaves to buy groceries.
    2. The Storm – a violent storm, a telephone call is received, mysterious and frightening. Discovers it was only a dream. Another call comes in. She answers and discovers it is a repeat of the Dream.
    3. We can Smile Again – a story of 2 most unusual young girls as they gradually grow and mature in their macabre artistic pursuits.
    4. Closing the Cottage – a new tale of a now 19-year-old girl who is being left alone for several days in a lakeside home quite removed from a town of any size. The protagonist is purported to be a young woman recovered from a “nervous breakdown”. The plot details her regression into a return of psychological disturbance and proceeds to describe an episode, but with no definite closure.
    5. Return to the Cottage – an episode based on follow-up material about the same setting and some of the same, with addition of new, strange individuals and still with no closure.
    6. Flowers for the attic – another short bizarre vignette.
    7. The Witness – charming tale with a house cat the protagonist
    8. The Coffin – another tale ‘on the darker side’ somewhat softened by its poignancy.
    9. Angelique – another dark tale – death of a loved one, another chance, gypsies and a not unexpected ending.
    10. Master Arpeggio – an unusual fantasy centered around a cat
    11. Boarded Up – tale following a well-developed scam and its faults.
    12. The Gardeners – a mystery tale involving three elderly women and their pets.
    13. Rodney – a kidnapped child ends as a cold case to be solved in the next story.
    14. Rodney’s Return – an unusual solution to the cold case which like many of the other stories leaves much for the reader to determine with respect to closure.
    Discussion: Recently, a number of books have been offered with the Florida Keys as a setting for their plot. Amusingly, this reviewer selected the book without properly determining the message provided by the title. Mysteries from the Keys is just as presented – a collection of stories ‘on the dark side’ written with the typewriter pictured. They do not have anything to do with the Florida Keys, but should have appeal for readers who particularly enjoy this type of story.
    John H. Manhold (Amazon review)

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    Mysteries From the Keys: A Collecion of Short Stories
    byMary M. Cushnie-Mansour
    Customer reviews from Amazon – 4.1 out of 5 stars – 42 global ratings (As of January 24, 2023)
    5 star – 56%
    4 star – 15%
    3 star – 17%
    2 star – 4%
    1 star – 8%

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