time weaver coverThomas A. Knight’s debut novel, The Time Weaver, has left me wanting to continue on with The Time Weaver Chronicles.

As a little boy, Seth Alkirk listened to his father’s fantastic stories, but one night he overhears an argument between his parents, and then his father disappears. The story then jumps ahead to Seth’s 30th birthday and his world takes on another dimension – in essence he comes into his own and becomes what he was born to be – a Time Weaver.

Seth discovers he is now able to open the mysterious book, the only thing he has left of his father’s possessions, but when he finally does open it, it is filled with strange symbols and a language he is unable to decipher. He takes the book to a friend who might be able to discover its secrets. In the meantime, Seth is involved in a vehicle accident, and then he is attacked by a creature not from earth. He has no idea where he drew the power from, but he actually is able to temporarily strike the creature down; however, he is soon overcome by its brute strength. Enter a beautiful maiden warrior from another dimension – Malia Corsair.

Malia has been sent by the great wizard, Merek, from the land of Findoor, to retrieve the Time Weaver before the dark forces get to him. She barely manages to escape back to her land, having to drag an unconscious Seth, and fight off the police force trying to stop her from re-entering the portal between earth and her world.

Of course, she does not land right at Findoor, and must journey to get there. The evil forces are intent on getting to Seth, who at this point appears to be the last of the Time Weavers, and therefore of utmost importance to all sides. Along the way, Malia and Seth meet up with Cedric, a traveling Bard, who assists them to get to their destination, and also helps Seth to begin to handle this gift he seems to have been burdened with. Everyone keeps saying that Seth is the son of Krycin, the Time Weaver who once defeated Gladius, the dark lord.

The dark forces are on their heals, desperate to harness the powers of the Time Weaver. Cedric leads Seth and Malia to an old friend of his – a golden dragon upon which Seth’s father used to ride. Together, they make haste to Findoor, hoping to get there before it falls into evil hands. Along the way, Seth becomes more aware of the immensity of his power, and when he reaches Findoor Castle, Merek assists him in the handling of his powers before the dark army arrives.

Not to give away anymore of the story, take the journey with Seth – you will not be disappointed. The twists and turns the story takes will leave you breathless and wanting to keep turning the pages. I cannot wait to read Legacy, book two of The Time Weaver Chronicles. This series is a must read for those who love to read fantasy.