legacyLegacy, Book II of The Time Weaver Chronicles by Thomas A. Knight did not disappoint me.

Since the Chronicles are about a Time Weaver, Legacy goes back in time, opening up with Krycin washing up on the sand on the eastern beaches of Arda. He is rescued by a young man, a wizard in training, by the name of Gladius. Krycin seems to have lost all memory of who he is. Gladius affords Krycin a robe and then leads him into the kingdon of the Ardans, a people that live in the uppermost branches of the forest. Gladius hopes that their healers can help Krycin; however, the leader says he cannot be helped – Krycin must seek out his memories on his own.

Gladius informs Krycin that he has been sent to Arda by the Wizard High Council in order to study magic. There are eight basic elements that living things are aligned to, and humans can only hope to use seven, and most are only able to tap into one of the elements. Only Lyecians can use time. Krycin is curious about Lyecians, and Gladuis informs him that they are the children of Lyecha and they are the gems of the magic world, being able to control time.

The two young men study together, Gladius digging for his secrets to magic; Krycin trying to unveil who he is. Then, one day, a reaper shows up and he is looking for Krycin. He has been ordered by the Fates to retrieve Krycin and return him to where he belongs because he is a threat to the world balance. Gladius and Krycin escape the reaper’s clutches and head out, making their way to Ducain’s Keep where the Wizard High Council is situated.

The story begins to take on a panoramic view now as several tentacles of this fantasy world that Thomas Knight has created begin to entangle themselves together. Eventually, Krycin learns who he really is, and what his mission is to be. His heart is broken at the betrayals of those he thought to be his friends, but his resolve is solidified with what he must do as he is plunged deeper into the moments he knows he has already lived before. He eventually realizes that no matter how much he wants to change the future, that by going back into the past it is not always possible, or wise to do so.

Legacy will have you turning the pages … a fantasy that could very well become an epic movie one day, paralleling itself with the likes of The Lord of the Rings! A must read for any lover of fantasy. I await the next chapters of The Time Weaver Chronicles.