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A Story of Day & Night

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A youth novel for ages 8 – 12

The people of Earth are weary––one side has been cursed with never-ending light; the other side with never-ending darkness. Two young maidens––Lunaria, from the dark side; Raycindia, from the light side––were bequeathed a unique book from their grandmothers, and they were told they were destined for great things.

Lunaria and Raycindia meet on the Border of Light and Dark, and realize their quest is the same. As they embark upon a perilous journey where they come face to face with the diabolical fiends responsible for the curse. To end the misery for the people of Earth, the maidens must be more courageous than ever before.

Will good overcome evil? Will the people of Earth ever be happy again? These questions can only be answered within the pages of––A Story of Day and Night!

Written by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Cover layout by Terry Davis

Edited by Bethany Jamieson

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Chapter One
The Dilemma

There was a beginning––and the people of Earth were happy. There was a war, and then there was an end to the happiness and Old Earth. New Earth was consumed by an evil force that had sprung up during this time––one that burdened the people of Earth with a misery that penetrated deep into their existence––one that saddened the multitudes to the point the ancient legends of a land once filled with goodness were almost forgotten. For the New Earth, after the Great Battle, was stayed in its tracks, leaving one side to cool under the gibbous moon, the other to burn under the searing sun. It was into such a world that two maidens were born. One who lived in darkness, Lunaria; one who lived in light, Raycindia.

There was great sadness on Earth because of this. The people and animals that lived on the dark side would cry because everything around them was difficult to see, and they were always so tired that they wanted to do nothing more than sleep. The vegetation was lifeless and creepy in its struggle for what few beams of light the moon cared to cast down from its lofty position. The animals huddled in eclipsed corners, their once grand strengths withering away.

Great sadness tormented the other side of Earth, as well, but for the opposite reason. Here, where the sun always shone, the people could not get enough sleep because even when they closed their eyes, the sun’s golden waves would penetrate through them. The vegetation was wrinkled and scorched from the constant searing of its rays. The animals scattered, trying to find a shelter cool enough to soothe their burning hides.

Thus were the tales of Old Earth––bright and happy, filled with light and darkness for all––beginning to dim with the misery cast on the people, dimming in the hearts of all but two young maidens.

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Customers Reviews

(6 customer reviews)

6 reviews for A Story of Day & Night

  1. Christine Galloway, Librarian

    I enjoyed reading A Story of Day & Night; it was quite gripping…

    The Great Battle has ended, and now the world is under the control of an evil force. The earth has stopped rotating on its axis leaving one side perpetually dark and cold, and the other side bright and burning hot. Two maidens living on opposing sides of the world are destined to embark on a treacherous quest to find the secret that can rid the world of this torment.
    Lunaria from the dark side and Raycindia from the bright side have both managed to escape the misery that has enveloped the rest of the world. They have read the book of ancient tales bequeathed to them by their grandmothers and realize that they must journey to The Border of Light and Dark where dwells the Keeper of ancient legends, Zemia; she will help them with their quest.
    There follows a series of incredibly difficult and dangerous tasks as the two maidens battle one mythological monster after another in their attempt to save the earth from its inevitable doom. Magic spells, malevolent warriors, and grotesque creatures build the suspense as the maidens hasten toward the final Battle between good and evil and the day of reckoning.

  2. Asha, Age 9

    I think it is a very interesting book––when I finished one chapter I was eager to read the next one because there was always a surprise. I think if you are interested in adventure this is a really good book to read because it is about two girls on an awesome journey; they meet strange but interesting creatures, and the story has lots of excitement!

  3. Stacy Thomas

    A Story of Day & Night was an enjoyable tale of good versus evil. The mythology within could have come from ancient stories explaining the constant cycle of day chasing night, and darkness chasing light. This was a real page-turner, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

  4. Evan, age 13

    I have never read a book with this idea of how the earth stopped and the problems that followed. A Story of Day & Night was interesting and creative. I really liked it …

  5. Karen White

    A Story of Day & Night had strong role models for pre-adolescent girls. There are a few surprises in store for readers, particularly near the end of the novel. This story has a unique concept that is craftily ended to lead into perhaps a series … Karen White

  6. Danielle

    A Story of Day & Night is a captivating tale, full of daring adventures and magical twists at every turn. A light, quick, and very amusing read, it is a tale that will grab your attention––no matter your age––and always keep you on your toes, cheering for the prophecy to come true! … Danielle

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