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The Silver Tree

(7 customer reviews)


A youth novel for ages 10–18

Follow Alexandra’s quest as she is transformed into a beautiful unicorn to assist the Unicorn King in saving the unicorns being held captive in the Dark Forest by evil forces who seek to possess their magic.

The Silver Tree combines the beauty of good and the darkness of evil with the special young girl, lots of magic, a herd of unicorns, as well as fairies, creatures of the forest, dragons, witches, and so much more!

Written by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Cover art by Canadian artist, Kate Pellerin

Cover layout by Terry Davis

Edited by Bethany Jamieson

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The Unicorn King burst into the clearing where the silver tree stood. Alexandra slid from his back and reached for the precious necklace. The king lowered it into her hands. She stumbled from the sheer weight of it. As she did so, she noticed what was happening to the silver tree.

The trunk was riddled with grotesque deformities; never would Alexandra have believed that the beautiful seedling she had found could turn into such a colossal formation. It shook uncontrollably in anticipation. “Hurry, child, place the necklace around my trunk; I can stand it no longer in here.”

Alexandra’s hands shook. The Unicorn King paced around the silver tree. Alexandra staggered toward it, the weight of the jewel almost too heavy for her to bear. As she approached the silver tree, Alexandra noticed enormous droplets of moisture breaking out all over the bark.

“Hurry,” the voice urged. “The sun already sets beyond the trees.”


Alexandra laid the necklace at the base of the silver tree. She picked up one end and dragged the silver chain around the tree. Upon going full circle, Alexandra reached down and clipped the closure into place. Snap! Then she fell to her knees on the soft, moist earth and waited.

The droplets of moisture flowed like tiny streams through a rocky field. The gnarled tree trunk shivered uncontrollably, and the ground beneath Alexandra shook as the roots of the tree started to lift from the ground. An ear-splitting crack split the darkening silence. Alexandra’s eyes fixed in astonishment on the silver tree.

The sun disappeared behind the horizon. The tree groaned in despair. The Unicorn King screamed in agony. The massive trunk ripped open and revealed its captive within.

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Customers Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for The Silver Tree

  1. Theresa

    Read ‘The Silver Tree’ with my daughter. She is really into unicorns, so of course she loved this book. I’m sure we’ll be reading it again soon! … Theresa (Good reads review)

  2. Annette

    This was a magical book! It’s about good versus evil. I loved the magic of the unicorns. They are truly lovely creatures.
    This book is perfect for all ages
    Thanks to Goodreads for the contest giveaway… Annette

  3. Caeird Lock

    Whimsical and beautiful, a simple story for children, teens, or adults. Anyone who wants to read just a good, wholesome story, wrought with mystery, destiny, adventure and love should read this book. (Just you know, it’s geared towards a slightly younger audience, so take that into consideration yeah? —I’m an adult who thought it was such a good book that I recommended it to my mother, before I even finished it.)

    All that being said, this book gave me some interesting literature vibes…think Stephen Mitchell’s Gilgamesh (the forest, the environment, and kind of the world in general,) meets Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn (obviously,) with just a healthy dash of plucky childhood heroines like Rhode Dahl’s Matilda or Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. (Brave, endearing, good AF, tackling the odds like a champ…you know.) -Mix them all together in a big pot, let them simmer awhile, and you get The Silver Tree. 10/10, no regrets… Caeird Lock (Goodreads review)

  4. Dawn

    Fabulous Children’s Tale

    I thoroughly enjoyed this children’s tale, with it’s classic good vs evil storyline and heroine’s quest. I was enchanted by the many magical and “normal” creatures and beings fighting to save the unicorns. The story has a timeless, natural flow which is enhanced by the beautifully described scenery and characters. There was just enough action in the fights and sufficient depth of character to make the tale enjoyable for all ages. If you are a fan of The Last Unicorn or any classic magical fairy tale with a happy ending, then this is a story for you!

    I received a free copy of the ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own… Dawn (Goodreads review)

  5. Mimi

    I really enjoyed it. Such a great get away to get lost in. I loved the magical feel. I read it and read it to my niece and she absolutely adored it… Mimi (goodreads review)

  6. Jessica

    Four stars (good reads review)

  7. Regina Jetleb

    LEGOManiac (An Amazon review)
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    An awesome story featuring unicorns
    Reviewed in Canada on September 15, 2019
    I loved this book! It has everything! Adventure, suspense, dragons, and unicorns!

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