ThThe House Next Door by James Pattersone House Next Door by James Patterson (Goodreads Author)

Two to four stars … (see below for details)


Mary Cushnie-Mansour‘s review



This book has three stories in it, so I shall treat each one separately. Although I read through the stories quickly, it does not mean each one will have the same rating. So, let’s get started…

Book One: “The House Next Door” James Patterson (with Susan Dilallo) – I am only going to give this one two stars … I found this story to be juvenile … I mean, who falls in love with a new neighbour and runs around doing errands with him and then going on dates with him. Okay, I get it, Laura is having difficulties at home, but really?! We also know from the get-go that the man has a hidden agenda. I finished it, but it was all I could do to swallow my reader’s pride to do so.

Book Two: “The Killer’s Wife” James Patterson (with Max DiLallo) – a step up from book one, so I am going to give this one three stars. Once again we have a love affair a bit difficult to believe. A police officer, meeting a suspect’s wife for the first time, becomes infatuated with her. He knows in his gut that the woman’s husband is guilty; he also feels she knows more than she is giving up. However, he crosses a line trying to get her to give up information. A nice twist on the ending.

Book Three: “We. Are. Not. Alone.” James Patterson (with Tim Arnold) I am giving this story four stars. It was intriguing and entertaining. Also thought-provoking for what is going on in our world today with all the turmoil. A great twist at the end, which I won’t give away. Thoroughly enjoyed this story, despite it not being my usual genre.